Aug 11, 2009

this was a birthday cake i made for a former student ordered by his lovely wife. contained a deliciosly moist chocolate cake smothered in caramel mousse and pecan nuts!
i made these Nelson Mandela cupcakes as a tribute to the Great man on his 91st birthday - 18 July! they appeared in our local newspaper. i'll post the link to the article soon. each one reflects an aspect of his worthy existence:
1. his birthday cake, three tiered
2. the madiba shirts he made famous
3. the aids awareness concerts named after his prison number 46664
4. robben island off Cape Town's coast where he was held prisoner for 27 years
5. the trophy of the springbok rugby team in 1995, the game that brought the people together
6. the replica of his prison cell within which he attained a law degree
7. the ANC (AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS) - ruling party flag- of which he was president
8. the great man himself, MADIBA[_id]=25386

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